Pelagic Fishery North Zone

Updated: Tuesday June 11th, 2024
June 11th, 2024 IFOP

Weekly Bulletins

Fishing Biological Newsletters

Executive weekly  unload and cumulative document, from the XVth to IVth Region, by species and by port. It includes preliminary information of structure’s size and gonadal index by species. In addition, it incorporates information of landings historical series and study zone biological indicators.
year 2017

21Fishing Biological Newsletters22 to 28 de may 2017
21Fishing Biological Newsletters22 to 28 de may 2017
20Fishing Biological Newsletters15 to 21 may 2017
19Fishing Biological Newsletters8 to 14 may 2017
18Fishing Biological Newsletters1 to 7 may 2017
17Fishing Biological Newsletters24 to 30 april 2017
16Fishing Biological Newsletters17 to 23 april  2017
15Fishing Biological Newsletters10 to 16 april  2017
14Fishing Biological Newsletters03 to 09 april  2017
13Fishing Biological Newsletters27 march to 02 april  2017
12Fishing Biological Newsletters20 to 26 de march 2017
11Fishing Biological Newsletters13 to 19 de march 2017
10Fishing Biological Newsletters6 to 12 de march 2017
09Fishing Biological Newsletters27 february to 5 march 2017
08Fishing Biological Newsletters20 to 26 february 2017
07Fishing Biological Newsletters13 to 19 february 2017
06Fishing Biological Newsletters6 to 12 february 2017
05Fishing Biological Newsletters30 january to 5 february 2017
04Fishing Biological Newsletters23 to 29 january 2017
03Fishing Biological Newsletters16 to 22 january 2017
02Fishing Biological Newsletters9 to 15 january 2017
01Fishing Biological Newsletters1 to 8 january 2017

Fishing Biological Newsletters year 2016 Read more

53Fishing Biological Newsletters26 to 31 de december 2016
52Fishing Biological Newsletters19 to 25 de december 2016
51Fishing Biological Newsletters12 to 18 december 2016
50Fishing Biological Newsletters5 to 11 de december 2016
49Fishing Biological Newsletters28 november to 4 december 2016
48Fishing Biological Newsletters21 to 27 november 2016
47Fishing Biological Newsletters14 to 20 november 2016
46Fishing Biological Newsletters7 to 13 november 2016
45Fishing Biological Newsletters31 october to 6 november 2016
44Fishing Biological Newsletters24 to 30 october 2016
43Fishing Biological Newsletters17 to 23 october 2016
42Fishing Biological Newsletters10 to 16 october 2016
41Fishing Biological Newsletters3 to 9 october 2016
40Fishing Biological Newsletters26 september to 2 october 2016
39Fishing Biological Newsletters19 to 25 september 2016
38Fishing Biological Newsletters12 to 18 september 2016
37Fishing Biological Newsletters4 to 11 september 2016
36Fishing Biological Newsletters29 august to 4 september 2016
35Fishing Biological Newsletters22 to 28 august 2016
34Fishing Biological Newsletters15 to 21 august 2016
33Fishing Biological Newsletters8 to 14 august 2016
32Fishing Biological Newsletters1 to 7 august 2016
31Fishing Biological Newsletters25 to 31 july, 2016
30Fishing Biological Newsletters18 to 24 july 2016
29Fishing Biological Newsletters11 to 17 july 2016
28Fishing Biological Newsletters4 to 10 july 2016
27Fishing Biological Newsletters27 june to 3 july 2016
26Fishing Biological Newsletters20 to 26 june 2016
25Fishing Biological Newsletters13 to 19 june 2016
24Fishing Biological Newsletters6 to 12 june 2016

 Newsletter monitoring reproductive

Executive document that counts for the evolution of the reproductive process associated with anchovy’s spawning from the XVth to IVth Region. Includes macro and microscopic indexes, such as: spawning (IAD), ovarian atresia (IAO), gonadosomatic index activity (IGS). Spawning processes are analyzed from the  XVth ; I and Region II and the III and IV Region, according samples availability obtained during the study period, however this analysis is reinforced during maximum anchovy reproductive activity period.

 Newsletter monitoring reproductive XV, I, II regions

year 2016

Monitoring reproductive III, IV  regions

year 2016

Recruitment Monitoring Newsletter

Executive document that describes anchovy recruitment process daily evolution from the XVth to IVth Region. It contains weekly information of anchovy catches, size, structure and recruited specimens percentage and the historical evolution of this indicator.

III and IV regions

year 2017