Aquaculture Research Division

Updated: Monday November 27th, 2023
November 27th, 2023 IFOP

Aquaculture Research Division – Puerto Montt

The Aquaculture Research Division (DIA) is Located in the city of Puerto Montt, center of the country’s aquaculture development. Our division aims to have an institutional presence in all those areas where aquaculture is conceived as a solid option for development, in order to incorporate actions of public interest for sustained development.

Our mission is to guarantee and ensure the sustainability of aquaculture. Thus the Divisions work is oriented to produce, develop and transfer knowledge of public value to provide the authorities with the requisite information to substantiate the standards of environmental and health management, without prejudice to provide information to support an integrated development of the coastline, small-scale aquaculture, recreational fishing, restocking and management areas of social economic value.