Marine Operations Department (DOM)

Updated: Tuesday April 12th, 2022
April 12th, 2022 IFOP


Operate and manage scientific vessels maintaining their operational effectiveness and an optimal use factor, in order to comply with the committed research cruises, in accordance with current regulations and considering the safety of human life at sea.


To have a research platform with state-of-the-art technology and a team of high-level professionals that allow managing and operating scientific vessels in jurisdictional waters, with the support of an infrastructure on land.

Work teams

To fulfill the mission, the Department of Marine Operations has the following work team and infrastructure:

  • Fisheries / oceanographic scientific research platform
  • Specialized crew
  • Technical operators
  • Engineer for Ship Maintenance
  • Naval Electronics
  • Administrative staff
  • Wineries / fishing nets workshop
  • Radio base station


Patricio Herrera Ugarte (Head of Department)

Patricio Herrera Ugarte

Patricio Herrera Ugarte

Fisheries Engineer with extensive experience in senior management positions in different private organizations, serving as Fleet Manager and Administrator in areas of operations, supply and logistics in the fishing industry.