Work Team

Updated: Monday April 12th, 2021
April 12th, 2021 IFOP

Cristian Canales Ramírez (Head of Department)

Industrial Civil Engineer and fisheries engineer with a Master’s Degree in Statistics. Stock assessor, specialized in statistical modeling of fisheries biological processes and operational simulation models for the evaluation of fisheries management processes.


Doris Bucarey Sepúlveda

Fisheries Management Engineer whose research focuses on population dynamic modeling of fish stocks. ⇓ “resume”


Francisco Contreras Mejias

Marine Biologist and Master’s Degree in Statistics, investigates both population dynamic modeling of fish stocks as well as statistical topics derived from its research. ⇓ “resume”


Fernando Espíndola Rebolledo

Fisheries Engineer, Master´s Degree in Fisheries Science. His research focuses on modeling studies of population dynamics, with emphasis on the application of methods for spatial and temporal analysis of biological-fishing and environmental variables, as well as the use of remote sensing such as AVHRR, MODIS and others. ⇓


Elson Leal Faúndez

Marine Biologist and Master´s in Fisheries, exploited marine resources assessor with emphasis on: reproductive biology and ecology of fish, estimates of demographic parameters and life history, all aspects oriented to advice on the implementation of management procedures. ⇓ “resume”


Carlos Montenegro-Silva

Industrial Management Engineer and Master´s Degree in Statistics, his main research is focused on the Evaluation of Bayesian and frequentist stock, CPUE standardization, parameter estimation of biological processes, application of state space models, generalized mixed effects models, MCMC methods, sampling designs and applications of geostatistics. ⇓ “resume”.


Ignacio Payá Contreras

Marine Biologist and Bachelor in Marine Biology, with vast experience in indirect and direct demersal and deepwater resources assessments. As Senior Stock Assessment Scientist in the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) fisheries department he led 8 area swept surveys and estimated biomass with geo-statistic methods. He has also worked in fisheries management by regulating fishing effort. He has participated in projects on individual growth, trophodynamics, impact of fishing on demersal communities and the relationship between recruitment and environment.


Juan Carlos Quiroz Espinosa

Fisheries Engineer and Master´s Degree in Fisheries Science. His specialty is modeling population dynamics, as well as working in operational simulation models aimed at evaluating management procedures. ⇓ “resume”


Renzo Tascheri Oyaneder

Marine Biologist and Master´s Degree in Fisheries Science, his research is focused on the dynamics of marine resources, fisheries biological parameters and development of relative abundance indices from catch and effort data. ⇓ “resume”



Carlos Techeira Tapia

Marine Biologist and Master´s Degree in Oceanography, dedicated to the performance evaluation of artisanal fisheries under regimes of co-management and integration of fisheries and socio-economic areas. Oriented to the consultancy of artisanal fisheries management. ⇓ “resume”