Board of Directors

Updated: Monday May 13th, 2019
May 13th, 2019 IFOP

Main functions of the Board of Directors

  • Drive the Institute, manage and dispose of its assets.
  • Promote and ensure compliance with the aims of the Institute.
  • Approve the Annual Budget of Tickets & Expenses, the Inventory of their Assets and the Balance of their Operations.
  • Control and guide the correct investment of funds so that they can achieve the aims of the Institute.
  • Approve work programs and provide adequate financing.
  • Know and resolve any matter or matter related to the interests and purposes of the Institute that is not delivered to the President or Executive Director, being able to agree, or celebrate all acts or contracts that are necessary or conducive, either directly or indirectly. with the obtaining of the aims of the Institute.

The Board of Directors is composed of the following persons:

Name Charge
Oscar Guzmán Fernández President
Eric Correa De la Fuente Counselor
Gustavo Parada Rebolledo Counselor
Héctor Bacigalupo Falcón Counselor
Sebastián Gutiérrez Casas Counselor
Luis Parot Donoso Executive Director and secretary
Andreucci & Torrejón Legal Adivce