Resources Assessment Department

Updated: Friday July 14th, 2023
July 14th, 2023 IFOP


Analyze and integrate biological-fisheries information for establishing the status of exploited marine resources and recommendations of catch quotas.


Run a research program focused on primary marine fishery resources and exploited benthic resources in seashore protected management areas.


Highly specialized team of researchers in the area of engineering and quantitative ​​biology, with further development in numerical and statistical modeling.


  • Research Status and Evaluation of Sustainable Exploitation Strategies 2011 of the nation’s main fisheries species: mackerel, hake, southern hake, hoki, toothfish, kingklip, Anchovy III-IV Regions, Anchovy XV -II Regions, Anchovy V – X Regions, Sardine, nailon shrimp, red squat lobster , yellow squat lobster, hake, southern blue whiting, skate, Southern Sardine, Alfonsino, Besugo.
  • Fisheries Research Situation under Seashore Management Area regime, 2010-2011.
  • EU Project TXOTX: Technical experts Overseeing Third country expertise
  • Research projects funded by the Fisheries Research Fund (FIP):
  • Methodological bases for the direct evaluation of skate and kingklip between the X and XII Regions FIP 2008-46.
  • Population structure of mackerel, FIP 2010-18.