Updated: Thursday March 7th, 2024
March 7th, 2024 IFOP

Economic Section


To monitor economic data from fisheries and aquaculture, and to generate socio-economic information to support management measures and evaluation of public policies.


Staff with specialized training in the areas of ​​Marine and Social Sciences, with expertise in data analysis, economic evaluation, monitoring of economic indicators and implementation of ecosystem-based management. The Economic section of IFOP executes and/or collaborates in the following research programs:

Program. Economic monitoring of Chile´s fisheries and aquaculture.

Program. Market Information System (exports and industrial use).

Program. Follow-up on benthonic resources management areas.

FIP Project. Study site areas of small-scale aquaculture in northern Chile.

GEF Project. Towards Ecosystem-based Management of the Humboldt Current´s large marine ecosystem.

Economics Section STAFF

Elizabeth Palta Vega (Head of Section)

Fisheries Engineer with expertise in economic evaluation, formulation and development of analytical frameworks associated to monitoring of economic indicators for fisheries and aquaculture. She is currently working on incorporating economic indicators of fisheries under the ecosystem approach. ⇓ “resume”

Andrea Araya

Marine Biologist, Bachelor of Marine Science, Master´s Degree in Marine Sciences, Researcher with high skills in data analysis and bio-economic modeling in both aquaculture and fisheries. ⇓ “resume”

Johanna Rojas

Industrial Management Engineering and Aquaculture Management Engineering, with data analysis skills and extensive knowledge of fishing exports. ⇓ “resume”

Ricardo Arancibia

Technologist. Handling and processing of information as data manager.

Pedro Romero

Fisheries Engineer, Bachelor of fisheries, Master´s Degree in Management of Aquatic Resources, mention in economics.