Work Team

Updated: Friday June 10th, 2022
June 10th, 2022 IFOP

Eduardo Almonacid Rioseco

Science Bachelor in Biology and PhD in Ecology and Management of Marine Living Resources, specializing in applied ecology of benthic resources in artisanal fisheries, integration of bio-fisheries factors and sociocultural factors in an ecosystem context.


Antonio Aranis Rodríguez

Marine Biologist, evaluator and implementer of programs, projects and information systems. Pelagic biological-fisheries analyst in ecology and biodiversity. He has been head of cruise research projects, integrated to national and international projects of the scientific community. Professional involved in the realization of international courses and workshops, conferences and technical advisory. He has been active in national scientific committees. ⇓ “resume”


Jorge Rangel Azócar

Marine Biologist. Bachelor in Marine Science. His research focuses on bycatch in highly migratory fisheries (Swordfish), seabirds and turtle bycatch, among other species.



Nancy Barahona Toledo

Fisheries Engineer, Master’s Degree in Environmental Education, with vast experience in benthic fisheries monitoring and interest in biological processes associated with these fisheries, resource – environment – users relationships (artisanal fishermen), in order to contribute to the implementation of management plans. ⇓ “resume”


Claudio Bernal Larrondo

Fisheries Engineer and Industrial Engineer with a Masters in Business Management , the professional focuses its research to biological analysis in pelagic fisheries resources , both coastal and high seas. Currently its activity is aimed to research highly migratory as bycatch in various fisheries resources study .

María Gabriela Böhm St.

Fisheries Engineer devoted to the analysis of operational and biological information of the fishing fleet in order to comprehend the changes in distribution and abundance of the resource, as well as the analysis of the dynamics and operational strategies of the fleet. ⇓ “resume”


Leonardo Caballero González

Master’s Degree in Marine Resources Management, mention in Fisheries and Aquaculture Management and Fisheries Engineer by profession, his work is focused on fisheries technology, pelagic fisheries monitoring and direct and indirect assessment. Operational dynamics analyst of industrial and artisanal fishing fleets, regulations, resource exploiting conditions and main fish capture and fishing gear technologies. ⇓ “resume”


Renato Céspedes Michea

Marine Biologist, BA in Biology and Master´s candidate on Fisheries and Aquaculture Management, dedicated to fisheries biology and demersal stock dynamics research with interest in biological monitoring of fisheries, statistical topics, life cycles, migration, fisheries interaction, trophodynamics, sustainable development, ecosystem approach and fisheries management; oriented for management procedures. ⇓ “resume”

Liu Andrés Chong Follert

Marine Biologist, researcher devoted to the characterization and analysis of biological-fishing catch by demersal artisanal fleet in the Austral southern region of Chile. ⇓ “resume”



Eduardo Díaz

BA and Marine Biologist oriented to the analysis of reproductive aspects, gonadal dynamics and parameter estimates of fertility and sexual maturity. As well as the application of histological techniques and microscopic studies of the reproductive status of the resources. ⇓ “resume”

Erik Daza Valdebenito

Marine biologist, dedicated to the study of exploration, fisheries biological assessment and management of sub-Antarctic fisheries. ⇓ “resume”




Victoria Escobar Toro

Fisheries Biologist, Master´s Candidate in Aquatic Resources Management, dedicated to the exploration, analysis and modeling of fisheries and environmental biological information, also dedicated to the application of new techniques for fisheries bycatch studies and the detection of factors that influence the abundance of these. ⇓ “resume”


Patricio Antonio Gálvez Gálvez

Marine Biologist, Master’s Degree in Aquatic Resources Management, whose research has focused on monitoring systems, with emphasis on demersal and deep-water fisheries resources. Analyst of Biological Fishery indicators in a spatiotemporal context. Active member of national scientific committees on Hake, Hoki, orange roughy and Alfonsino. ⇓ “resume”


Andrés González Pizarro

Fisheries Engineer, whose work is based on bycatch modeling of top predators, his professional interest focuses on statistical topics and the biological-environmental coupling. ⇓ “resume”.



 Carola Hernández Santoro

Civil Industrial Engineer and Fisheries Engineer, oriented to the analysis of operational and biological information of the fishing fleet focused on understanding the changes in distribution and abundance of marine resources. With interest in GIS (IDRISSI) satellite data management for exploration and modeling of biological, fishery and environmental information through GAM or GLM. ⇓ “resume”


Sergio Mora Opazo

Bachelor and Marine Biologist oriented to the research of small pelagic fisheries and highly migratory pelagic species, his studies are directed to topics of reproductive biology and metabolic behavior, through the accumulation of fat in the body of the fish. ⇓ “resume”



Andres Olguín Ibacache

Bachelor in Marine Science, Marine Biologist and Master´s Degree in Marine Resources and Aquaculture Management, whose research focuses on fishery biology of benthic resources, with interest in statistical topics, reproductive, taxonomic and life history of aquatic resources . ⇓ “resume”


Luis Ossa Medina

Marine Biologist, oriented to research the biology of resources, especially pelagic, with topics of interest in recruitment, trophodynamics and reproductive indicators. ⇓ “resume”


Diana Patricia Párraga Velandia

Marine Biologist and Master’s Degree in fisheries science, with experience in fisheries monitoring programs, mainly demersal crustaceans. With interest in basic research applied to the assessment, conservation and sustainable management of marine resources and ecosystems research. ⇓ “resume”

Graciela Pérez Mora

Marine Biologist and Master’s Degree in Coastal Oceanography, dedicated to integrated satellite imagery for oceanographic variables modeling analysis. With interest in the operational study of the fishing fleet ⇓ “Curriculum

Marcelo San Martín Quinteros

Marine Biologist and Master´s Degree in Fisheries Science, whose research focuses on environment-resource interaction, ecology and fisheries biology of species. ⇓ “resume”


Claudio Vargas Vargas

Marine Biologist who studies artisanal benthic fisheries and direct assessment of soft bottom species. ⇓ “resume”



Maximiliano Zilleruelo León

Fisheries Engineer with experience in fisheries monitoring programs, especially focused on demersal crustaceans and the analysis of biological-fishery information. With interest in sustainable development and appropriate small scale technology. ⇓ “resume”