Quality policy

Updated: Monday December 18th, 2023
December 18th, 2023 IFOP

Refer to ISO 9001 Certification

Fisheries Development Institute (IFOP) is a research institution dedicated to developing and providing technical background and scientific bases for fisheries and aquaculture regulation for hydrobiological resources and ecosystems conservation and preservation .

This Quality Management System policy aims at achieving satisfactory compliance with collection, registration, transmission, validation and storage of fishing biological data, accurate, timely and consistent with customer requirements and specification service established within the System scope , by the Head of the Fisheries Evaluation Department, in follow-ups: North Zone Pelagic Fishery, South Central Zone Pelagic Fishery, South Central Demersal Fishery and Demersal Crustacean Fishery.

In order to comply with our Quality Policy we commit to:

  • Comply with Quality Management System and ISO 9001/2015 standard documentation .
  • Continuously improve efficiency, through active and effective coordination and communication of personnel that is part of Quality Management System.
  • Control quality from OECD point of view (precision, timeliness and concordance with customer requirements) of delivered data to users according to their requirements.
  • Improve communications and access to information within the organization, so that they facilitate the application of the quality management system and help reduce the risks of not complying with its processes.

Our management system is measured externally under ISO 9001/2015 certification requirements and internally by claims, concessions and satisfaction surveys of our clients.

We ensure a responsible operation, complying with the corresponding legislation and maintaining good relations with the community.

This Quality Policy is understood and assumed by all the personnel of the Instituto de Fomento Pesquero, being led and disseminated by the Executive Director.

Valparaíso, July 2018

Luis Parot Donoso
Director Ejecutivo
Instituto de Fomento Pesquero