Subpesca and IFOP are participating in international fisheries observation and monitoring conference
6 August, 2018

Subpesca and IFOP are participating in international fisheries observation and monitoring conference

August 16th, 2018 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

Ninth version of the activity, considered on a global level the most important one of its kind, brought together 250 specialists.

In Vigo, Spain, the ninth version of the International Conference of Observers and Monitoring of Fisheries (IFOMC) was developed, in which 250 specialists from 37 countries addressed multiple topics associated with this task.

During the meeting, there were presentations and discussions around observation, collection and scientific-fishing information analysis; fishery assessment, bycatch (bycatch) and applied technology for global fisheries monitoring.
Among the participants were two researchers from Fisheries Promotion Institute -Marcelo San Martín and Rodrigo Vega- and a professional from the Undersecretariat of Fisheries and Aquaculture (Subpesca), Luis Cocas.

San Martín presented advances in some obtained results in the framework of a discarding project carried out by IFOP (demersal fisheries). He also participated in the workshop “Landing Obligation” and at the closing of the conference, as Latin America representative.

“(There were) very good expositions, especially in what interests us, bycatch and discarding monitoring and evaluation, in addition to the problem administrative and legal management. Our participation and presented papers were very well received, “explained San Martín.

The researcher added: “(This) allows us to dimension the experience we have as a country in the area of research, monitoring and management of bycatch and discard, which positions us today not only as referents in South America, but also at the world”.

Cocas – in charge of the research programs and reduction of discarding and incidental fishing, and of the program of scientific observers of the Undersecretariat of Fisheries and Aquaculture -, meanwhile, represented Chile as a member of the organizing committee and responsible for the session devoted to artisanal fishing.

He also explained the country’s progress in discards and incidental capture research and reduction. He also highlighted national progress in this area, implemented reduction plans, IFOP scientific observers active role and the importance of effective control.

“These elements, together with the approach used by Chile in understanding and solution of these problems, have been recognized internationally and place our country as a benchmark in the matter,” Cocas explained.

Rodrigo Vega, presented obtained results in the framework of the discarding research program in pelagic purse seine fisheries and participated in the moderating team of one of the working groups of the Landing Obligation workshop, which corresponds to the discard research and management scheme in the countries of the European Union.

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