Fifth Pacific Alliance Research Institutions Network meeting  will be held in Santa Marta Colombia
6 March, 2023

Fifth Pacific Alliance Research Institutions Network meeting will be held in Santa Marta Colombia

March 8th, 2023 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

On March 15th and 17th, the fifth Network of Institutions meeting will be held at “José Benito Vives de Andreis” Marine and Coastal Research Institute (INVEMAR)headquarters, in Santa Marta city, Colombia. Pacific Alliance Fisheries and Aquaculture Research Networks (IIPA-AP Network).
The IIPA Network was born in 2017 in the Work Plan context established that year by the Ad hoc group on Pacific Alliance Fisheries and Aquaculture whose creation was agreed at the XI Pacific Alliance Summit in July 2016, aiming to build a joint marketing strategy for Pacific Alliance fishery products.

The network is made up of the Fisheries Development Institute (IFOP) from Chile, National Fisheries Institute (INAPESCA) from Mexico, Peru Sea Institute (IMARPE) and INVEMAR in Colombia. INIDEP (Argentina), SCIRO (Australia) and the Food and United Nations Agriculture Organization (FAO) have also participated as observer institutions.

In the first meeting, held in July 2017 in Lima, Peru, it was established that the IIPA Network purpose would be to “Create an open and inclusive fishing and aquaculture research institutes network, with the purpose of building, in a participatory and agreed, an area of deep integration to progress progressively towards the best scientific knowledge generation in fishing and aquaculture for these resources sustainable management in the Pacific Alliance countries ”.

On this occasion, IFOP Directors, Mr. Gonzalo Pereira Puchy, INVEMAR, Mr. Francisco Arias Isaza and INAPESCA, Mr. Pablo Arenas Fuentes, as well as IMARPE Board of Directors’s President, Mr. Jorge Paz Acoste will be present, as well as with the assistance of the focal points of each institution, also including INIDEP and FAO.

This meeting objective, jointly organized between IFOP and INVEMAR, is to prepare a Work Plan for 2023-2024 period, based on priority issues defined by the institutions in a previous meeting (2022), which include: Ecosystem Approach, Climatic Change and Biodiversity, among others. This Plan will make it possible to advance in the network objectives achievement mainly by promoting joint scientific programs development, specialized human resources training and experts exchange between institutions.

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