Pilar Proaño, Ecuador Vice-minister of Aquiculture and Fishing visited IFOP
2 June, 2016

Pilar Proaño, Ecuador Vice-minister of Aquiculture and Fishing visited IFOP

July 27th, 2016 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

The authority held a protocol meeting with Gabriel Yany, IFOP Council President and Leonardo Núñez, Executive Director of the Institution.

On Wednesday 1, at Instituto de Fomento Pesquero premises, a meeting was held with Ecuador Vice-minister of Aquiculture and Fishing and a professional team of IFOP. During the evening, the vice-minister was invited to step through the scientific vessel Abate Molina.

Pilar Proaño referred to the objective of her visit: “to share research experiences, to have clarity about some specific resources, but earnestly, the goal of Ecuador government is to reopen the institutionality of fishing sector, and the best way to learn is by the experience of neighbor countries. Chile is among fishing countries with great capacity and experience and we have a great bilateral relation with Chile; on 2015, we signed a collaboration contract with Subsecretaría de Pesca after the visit of President Michelle Bachelet to Ecuador, and these were the lines marked for the bilateral cooperation.”

Leonardo Núñez explained that “the Vice-minister is very interested in how IFOP is managed, as an institute of fishery and aquaculture research to generate the information that is transmitted to the authority for decision-making. In this context, in her country, she has a draft restructuring project similar to ours, and we talked about our experience, our history and how IFOP has been positioning itself as a reference institute in the fishing and underwater research.”

We identified some points of coordination and cooperation, referred to some possible internships of researchers from Ecuador in IFOP and financed by CORFO, in order to share our experience of technological breakthroughs, and cooperation in terms of information as they want to recover his research vessel, and with our experience, we can transfer knowledge on international standards which rules the Abate Molina.

Jorge Castillo, Technical Specialties Division Head, added that during the visit of the Vice-minister to Abate Molina “she was explained about research capabilities of Abate Molina, highlighting hydro acoustic detection capabilities for the evaluation of fisheries resources, the oceanographic equipment and fishing opportunities.

The head of the Department of Marine Operations, Mr. Gerson Lopez explained the demanding schedule of the vessel to meet the demands of the studies carried out on board the vessel, both within the IFOP as those made by other requesters, mentioning that two years ago, the work of lengthening the life of the ship were completed, in which the state of Chile invested about USD 2 million to modernize the propeller equipment of electric generation; navigation instruments, communications and scientific research, all this made possible to achieve a major upgrade of the capabilities of the ship.

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