IFOP:  Speeches in schools of Valparaiso and Talcahuano
6 June, 2016

IFOP: Speeches in schools of Valparaiso and Talcahuano

July 27th, 2016 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

“At the end of the talk, one comes heavily loaded with positive energy, so I recommend to all my fellow scientists give lectures in schools, it gives you vitality and courage.” (Luis Figueroa)

On May, the Instituto de Fomento Pesquero jointly with Explora Project Quinta Region held a series of speeches at schools in Valparaiso region and Talcahuano. The activity is part of the 52nd anniversary of IFOP and the month of the sea, and its objective is to bring science closer to children and youth.

Researchers Luis Figueroa, Patricia Zarate, Cristian Villouta, Yerko Yutronich, Danilo Soto, Braulio Acuna, Macarena Campos, Francisco Munoz and Rui Feng Wang attended schools in Valparaiso and Talcahuano to give speeches on: sea turtles, climate change, marine resources, south wildlife center, marine pollution, bycatch of birds, mammals and reptiles and marine mythology.

Luis presented the talk “Black Tides,” which explains what black tides are, which generates the presence of hydrocarbons by oil spills or dumping of chemicals into the ocean and how this affects the environment, how the environment reacts to these black tides, how is the process of evolution of these black tides.

In his other speech “Climate change and its impact on the ocean” he explains how climate change affects the coastal edge of our country, temperature changes generated in the ocean and how this affects marine species.

Dr. Patricia Zarate participated with the talk “Sea turtles: life, conservation and habits.” The professional of IFOP explained her motivation: “is very rewarding as researcher, to deliver our knowledge to children and youth, and besides, is a way of bringing science closer to students, so, they learn in a playful way about the conservation of our marine species. They are our future and as they understand the importance of protecting the planet, which is the house we all have, we will have a better world without pollution for us and our species ”

During his talk, Patricia show to children the types of turtles in the world, their nesting places, the difficulties they face because of predators and water pollution, ways to help preserve them, their life cycle, the migrations.

Luis Figueroa added “part of the motivation that gives me the talks with children, is basically the wish of students could get interested in science, trying to show them that science is fun, also to explain them that any child or young person can be a great scientist tomorrow.

I studied in a public high school, where some researchers attended to show us what was basically doing science, and from that time, my interest in doing science started.”

Cristián Villouta of IFOP Talcahuano explained that “talks were scheduled because of the sea month and anniversary of IFOP. All framed in the broadcast program of disposal project, carried out by the scientific observer program. It is important to give children information about our fishery resources and the care of the environment.”

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