IFOP scientific observers cleaned out San Vicente Bay beach
23 August, 2018

IFOP scientific observers cleaned out San Vicente Bay beach

August 24th, 2018 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

The activity was developed in Caleta el Infiernillo and 50 children from San Vicente school participated in this activity.

A team of nine IFOP scientific observers, led Caleta Infiernillo beach cleanup, an activity that was part of our community outreach campaign included in “Research Program on discarding and incidental capture in pelagic fisheries” project. Complementing the activity, children were given a brief introduction to the Bay history, fauna identification, resources and polluting factors found in La Caleta.

These tasks focused on the project´s annual planning, and which are fundamental for education and awareness creation about marine environment and resources sustainability care. Additionally, a feedback was obtained and it helped to expand community.knowledge and closeness

At the same time, pedagogical visits were made to schools. Presentations were made to the children in which developed Institute work was explained, the role of the scientific observer; Chile,marine resources ,birds incidental capture, mammals and marine turtles, fishing gear. marine pollution and regulation “Annex V- MARPOL”, international agreement signed by Chile that regulates on board generated garbage destination in all types of vessels.

Visited institutions were ” Talcahuano San Vicente Basic School”, Niebla´s “Juan Boch” school and Coronel´s “Maule School”. These educational facilities were chosen mainly because they are coastal and because they are associated with students families which mostly work in fishing.

In support of the activity, cientific observers set up an exhibition, divided into modules : Bony and cartilaginous fish conserved in jars and molluscs samples; scale Fishing boats; water and otolith samples Microscope; Personal protection elements and measurement equipment used by scientific observers on board fishing vessels and didactic sampling of fish with anatomy examination of organisms.

The exhibition was executed simultaneously to oral presentations, with a closure with recreational activities, which reinforced the exhibits.

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