IFOP, Fishing Promotion Institute  signed an agreement with Chilean Security Association
27 August, 2018

IFOP, Fishing Promotion Institute signed an agreement with Chilean Security Association

August 29th, 2018 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

With IFOP Executive Director Luis Parot and ACHS Regional Operations Assistant Manager, Sergio Moya signatures, a collaboration agreement among both institutions was signed.

For IFOP director ” this collaborative agreement consolidates the trust that our institution has placed in the Chilean Security Association for several years.”

Alejandro Fuenzalida, IFOP human resources head explained “Chilean Security Association is an authorized institution approved by law to administrate Law 16,744 insurance, for work accidents and diseases, these entities are true strategic allies for risks prevention in institutions, which is fundamental for a proper work place care “.

Among work accidents insurance covered benefits are:

Medical, in case workers suffer accidents at work, commuting or occupational diseases.

Economic, includes subsidies, indemnities and pensions.

Preventive, providing technical advice on occupational safety matters, both in identification, evaluation and risks control.

Carlos Rodríguez in charge of IFOP prevention explained “among important points to be highlighted, are a Management System implementation for Joint Committees administration.

Occupational examinations, specially designed for our Scientific Observers, which will allow us to effectively monitor workers health status .

ACHS Experts Visits, to our different nationwide distributed centers.

DEKRA Strategic consultancy, German organization that is an organizational safety world leader and allows reducing accidents by working on organizations work environment.

The collaboration agreement signing is Chilean Safety Association commitment to our institution, which is manifested in all efforts made by that organization to adapt to our needs. “

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