IFOP researcher gets  an internship at Washington University
17 August, 2018

IFOP researcher gets an internship at Washington University

August 22nd, 2018 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

For three months, IFOP marine biologist, Mauricio Mardones, , will complete an internship on benthic resources stock assessment methodologies at Washington University marine and fisheries sciences school, with Ray Hilborn’s team, https://fish.uw.edu/faculty/ray-hilborn/

Mardones explained “The internship’s purpose is to improve benthic resources stock assessment techniques (species that live on seabed) since in Chile these fisheries are important in sociocultural and economic terms. However, and according to our research and quantitative exercises, many of these fisheries are being exploited without knowing population status. The objective is to make a stock assessment with a population that has not been estimated before, and because of this we will work with Magallanes Region and Chilean Antarctic hedgehog (Lochexinus albus), to later evaluate some management measures consistency that they can adopt, and that can be used to apply in other fisheries. Although this is a research exercise, the idea is to acquire this type of tools conceptual and methodological bases and be able to apply them at IFOP Resource Evaluation Department work

He stressed that “Ray Hilborn work group and associated researchers is one of the most prolific in terms of fisheries science. Being here learning from them is important as a professional, given that I will be able to observe how they approach their fishing problems, which are often similar to those we have in Chile. On the other hand, work networks between IFOP and the University of Washington will also be created as another positive aspect of this internship “.

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