La Cruz city Council brings in wonderful marine exhibition “Guardians of the Sea”, free  of charge for all its neighbors
4 February, 2019

La Cruz city Council brings in wonderful marine exhibition “Guardians of the Sea”, free of charge for all its neighbors

February 7th, 2019 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

The exhibition is organized by the city council and IFOP Institute of Fisheries Development, jointly with the Regional Government, is free of charge for attendees and will be open to the public between Tuesday to Sunday from 12;00 to 20:15 hours, in La Cruz square.

On Tuesday, February 5th , at 11 am in La Cruz square located on Gabriela Mistral street N° 3, bus stop number 17, and with Maite Larrondo city Major’s presence and Luis Parot IFOP Executive Director, the Interactive exhibition “Guardians of the Sea”. In this exhibition visitors can learn how, through scientific research, marine resources are protected in our country.

This exhibition is held in two containers of 40 feet each plus a welcome tent and expert guidance. The containers were granted in commodatum by Chilean Maritime Heritage Corporation, to the Fisheries Development Institute with the purpose of developing an exhibition oriented to spread IFOP’s maritime field actions. The project has GORE financing.

“We invite all of our community residents to come to our Community Square to enjoy this educational exhibition about our sea and its resources. It was created fot the whole family and we will have monitors to explain to children. An open and free invitation for all, “the invitation was extended by Municipal Community Development Director, Juan Carlos Vergara.

Luis Parot, IFOP executive director, referred to the activity adding that “I am very happy with the exhibition’s success , it has already been presented in; Villa Alemana, Concón, Los Andes and now here in La Cruz, the visitor can understand IFOP ‘s work, aims to discover the ocean’s mysteries and also admire the beauty of the sea through aquariums mounted and conditioned for this particular activity, the exhibition has interactive marine games that participants can download on their cell phones; the assistants are received by expert monitors and monitors who guide the route and answer all doubts, we are waiting for visitors to come so that they can enjoy a fun family moment since it is an ideal vacations activity “

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