Mysteries of the ocean reach Los Andes city
28 January, 2019

Mysteries of the ocean reach Los Andes city

January 30th, 2019 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

“Guardians of the Sea” exhibition – organized by IFOP – will be located at Ambrosio O’Higgins Park, Santa Teresa avenue 911, where it will remain open between January 29TH and February 3RD is free of charge

Educational, and interactive, this exhibition had been prepared by IFOP Institute of Fisheries Development , together with the Regional Government, it will be held this summer with the aim of teaching in an entertaining way how to take care of the ocean. The exhibition has aquariums that amaze attendees, also contains Chile’s maritime history, fishing and aquaculture interactive games. Upon arrival, the visitor is received by expert monitors who will answer all their questions, and will be accompanying all though the tour, in an unmissable panorama for the entire family.

The exhibition is part of the “Maritime and Hydrological Heritage that runs through the Valparaíso Region” project; with GORE financing for $ 24,518,371. The exhibition is divided into two containers, one dedicated to fishing and the other to aquaculture. The containers were delivered in commodatum by the Maritime Heritage Corporation of Chile to the Fisheries Development Institute, with the purpose of disseminating the actions of IFOP in the maritime field.

Luis Parot, IFOP Executive Director, referred to the exhibition: “This is the third week, we were already in Villa Alemana and in Concón; tomorrow it begins in Los Andes city, it is a very interesting exhibition from its objective point of view which is to spread and inform about the activities carried out by Fisheries Development Institute, particularly under the slogan that we are the Guardians of the Sea so that the community and particularly children can appreciate the importance of research, in the care of fish and aquaculture resources, are explained topics such as climatic change, red tide, there are games that playfully teach and clarify to children how research is done by Fisheries and aquaculture in Chile

Manuel Rivera Los Andes city Mayor extended the invitation to both Andean and families of neighboring communities, to visit this fun exhibition that becomes an interesting and educational summer panorama that explains about the ocean, its resources and how to take care of them.

The exhibition will be available free of charge to the public from Tuesday January 29th to February 3rd in the Ambrosio O’Higgins Park, from Tuesday to Friday between 3:00 and 8:15 pm, while Saturday and Sunday will be extended from 12:00 at 20:15.

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