IFOP and Explora Valparaíso launch a campaign to learn about scientific research in the sea
4 May, 2020

IFOP and Explora Valparaíso launch a campaign to learn about scientific research in the sea

June 9th, 2020 Mario Loyola

“Science to protect the sea” is the name of the new scientific dissemination campaign launched in Valparaíso Region, in order to bring scientific culture and the ocean closer to all citizens.

In this new conmemorative month of the sea, Fisheries Development Institute (IFOP) and Explora Valparaíso- which depends on the Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation Ministry, launched “Science to protect the sea” campaign through their social networks to publicize scientific research carried out in Chile and in Valparaíso Region, to protect the ocean and its resources.

Through 9 attractive pictures, this project aimed at people of all ages, accounts for the work carried out by researchers from diverse scientific areas to understand marine species behavior, and to know details such as their reproduction and distribution, in order to learn to manage marine resources and thus promote responsible fishing.

“This campaign arises from the interest in spreading science’s importance in fishing activities care and ocean protection. In previous years, these contents have been placed on Valparaíso’s Metro station network, however, in this context of Covid-19, this series will be disseminated through social networks and other online platforms, ”said Mabel Keller, Explora Valparaíso Director.

In this way, “Science to protect the sea” teaches us why seabirds are important to know the state of the ocean, what is the red tide – which is not really red – why it is important to respect biological closures and the relevance of age of the fish to determine the fishing quotas, among many other issues.

In order to carry out presented contents, the campaign was coordinated by Explora Valparaíso’s team and the work of the team of researchers from IFOP Fishing Promotion Institute, and its designers; Carolina Irarrázaval and Natalia Golsman, along with journalist Gabriela Gutiérrez and the Institute Executive Director, Luis Parot.

In this regard, IFOP designers team, pointed out that “the discipline of graphic design is a key issue in clear and innovative communication of ideas, even more in the scientific area in which it is difficult to communicate in a simple and attractive way. This is the aim of this project, to offer interesting content through a pleasant, creative and understandable visual communication for all public ”.

It should be noted that this campaign is part of an alliance sustained since 2012 between Explora Valparaíso and Metro de Valparaíso, in order to create knowledge democratization spaces and to contribute to scientific culture strengthening in Valparaíso Region.

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