IFOP changes its computer servers
12 October, 2017

IFOP changes its computer servers

October 13th, 2017 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

IFOP Institute of Fisheries Development is developing a change of location of its computer servers in order to protect and safeguard the information that is handled that is vital for institutional operation

The institute carried out the most important server relocation process in its history, taking them to a Data Center with ANSI / TIA / EIA-942 international standards, which ensures operational services continuity, and a national repository of biological fishery databases.

The initiative starts in 2016, with the budget approval in order to raise a project that provides IFOP with an enclosure that meets the highest security standards, air conditioning, electrical backup and fire mitigation for its servers.

Thanks to an exhaustive planning of the Information Technologies Department Team, led by Andres Garcia Fuentes, the task division was divided into three fundamental stages: pre-transfer tasks, tasks at the time of transfer and after the transfer.

Mauricio González data administrator explained “This milestone is very important for IFOP since it basically refers to the place where all the institute information, which is our servers, our databases, are all the systems used by our organization to be able to function as a company. They needed a suitable place to be protected from any problem, whether it be some energy issue, environmental pollution, earthquakes, tsunamis and for that there are so-called data centers built for these purposes so as to protect all machinery and therefore the information that is there.

The center dates are protected in energetic terms, since, they have diverse sources, in case of an electrical shortcut, they have generators that work with oil so if there is an electrical shortcut it will be kept active which allows to turn off the machines in a suitable way, since failure to turn it off properly may result in loss of information or possible damage.

Karen Olave in charge of the systems development area added: “It is great to be able to leave the tsunami risk zone. This is a subject that we had constant concern about, the power outages were also delicate here. Now protected at any mishaps case ”

Josep Blamey, analyst programmer, concluded, “We worked in coordination with the whole team and my job was to get the servers and help take them to the destination and all this in order to support and safeguard our information”

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