IFOP organizes Symposium: “Research and management of aquatic resources with ecosystem approach”.
25 May, 2017

 IFOP organizes Symposium: “Research and management of aquatic resources with ecosystem approach”.

May 29th, 2017 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

The activity is part of the XXXVIITH  Marine Sciences Congress

On may 23 in the Hall of honour’s of PUCV Symposium “Research and Management of aquatic resources with ecosystemic approach“was held. It was organized by the Chilean Society of Marine Sciences, the Fisheries Development Institute (IFOP) and the Council of Fishing Research and Aquaculture. 8 papers from leading national researchers on the challenges posed to the country from the change from a single grazing approach to a systemic one were exposed.

Dr. Eleuterio Yánez, explained to us what is the ecosystemic approach “management with long-term vision that recognizes the need to include economic, ecological, social and political variables to hold and replace the services provided by an ecosystem. This means moving from an approach that focuses on the target species of the exploitation, without taking into account relations with the chemical, physical and biological environment of the ecosystem. “In addition to taking into account these characteristics of the environment, we will have to take into account the social and economic aspects involved, seeking a balance between the actions of the man and the dynamics of the ecosystem, in a way to maintain the health of this and of projecting the man’s well-being “.

Leonardo Núñez, IFOP’s CEO said “The implementation of the ecosystemic approach for fisheries management not only requires an intense knowledge management of the processes that characterize the ecosystems, but  interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary work  to understand the complexity of biological systems. This symposium is a start to start a conversation to deepen this topic in the future”.

In addition, Dr. Luis Cubillos said “this event we performed with Dr. Yáñez who proposed these interesting topics (ecosystemic approach) this approach will determine a better fisheries management we convened a number of colleagues who are working in fisheries with the ecosystemic approach and that many people associate it with the ecosystem analysis  without including man.” FAO international proposals and guidelines for responsible fisheries indicate that the ecosystem approach should include the man within the fishery then it  has to encourage sustainable development that takes into account the human, ecological and ecosystem well-being in order to have improved fisheries governance.

The fisheries law contemplates the ecosystemic approach in its articles, in Chile we are working so that the focus is set gradually. Analyses that are made today are done fishery by fishery and to define them as a single species, then considerations for ecosystemic approach is that the specie is not alone. It is interacting with other elements of the ecosystem and at the same time with man”

In this symposium, Dr. Samuel Hormazábal presented the paper “Operational oceanography and ecosystemic approach in the Southeastern Pacific” and he commented “the operational oceanography in the fisheries and aquaculture sector arises from the need to generate a proper synchronization between the productive management of the fisheries-aquaculture sector and the environmental conditions knowledge that sustains it.” This requires the design and implementation of monitoring systems oriented to capture and display data and information from Oceanographic and atmospheric conditions in real time, allowing a timely reaction to natural events which may cause environmental or health emergencies like the bloom of harmful algae, among other aspects.

“A country like ours, whose economy relies heavily on the exploitation of natural resources, must understand fully how its ecosystem works and to know how to deal with the effects of climate variability and climate change on its resources”.

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