IFOP organizes ” Pollutants in the SeaAwareness Days”
27 May, 2022

IFOP organizes ” Pollutants in the SeaAwareness Days”

May 30th, 2022 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

During the month of May, Aquaculture Division received an invitation to participate in the activity: “ Pollutants in the Sea Awareness Days”, organized by Liceo de Hombres de Puerto Montt Bicentennial inspired by the month of the sea. Whose focus awareness of the sea main problems, accompanied by photographic exhibitions, audiovisual presentations and coastal areas residents whose main source of work is the sea interviews .

Dr. Margarita González from the Hydrobiological Health Department, Macarena Herrera from the Environment Department of Aquaculture Division and from Fisheries Division, José Sepúlveda attended along with José Pérez. Those who managed to carry out a cycle of talks, which introduced the Fisheries Development Institute, to 3rd and 4th grade students, also revealing the main problems that are evident in the face of waste dumped into the sea in the different anthropic activities there made. After the talks, a space was given to socialize these issues, where an interactive dynamic was generated with incentives to highlight the students participation.

Discussed topics included: application of antiparasitics used in salmonid aquaculture and release into the environment, microplastics with their respective effect on marine organisms and the main contributions to scientific activity from the Sampling Management Scientific Observer Program.

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