IFOP signs an agreement with Universidad de  Chile
28 May, 2020

IFOP signs an agreement with Universidad de Chile

May 29th, 2020 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

In order to collaborate in high resolution oceanographic and atmospheric modeling

Fishing Development Institute (IFOP) signed a collaboration agreement with Universidad de Chile’s National High Performance Computing Laboratory (NLHPC).

This agreement aims to establish a mutual collaboration relationship, experiences transfering, and joint research between both institutions, in issues related to ocean and atmosphere numerical modeling in southern Chile. In turn, the agreement will allow IFOP to use, through remote access, computing capacity of NLHPCmanaged supercomputer .

The agreement also seeks to promote high-performance computing infrastructure use by the scientific community and encourage its use by the State. The use of supercomputers is making a difference in topics such as; climatic change, flowering of harmful algae, circulation and ocean acidification, among others. The agreement will last two years

Dr. Osvaldo Artal from IFOP referred to the agreement “Challenges in ocean numerical modeling are huge and more computer resources are needed in order to be able to explore and investigate main regional and local environmental characteristics of our southern sea. Access to this supercomputer will allow us to improve the current operational oceanographic and atmospheric forecast models that IFOP releases daily to the community on CHONOS information system web portal (www.ifop.cl/chonos). Also, this greater resource will allow us to start developing and implementing new biogeochemical models to gain knowledge of variables such as oxygen and nitrate in the region. “

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