IFOP researchers are refined in the United States with the support of the NGO The Nature Conservancy
14 June, 2018

IFOP researchers are refined in the United States with the support of the NGO The Nature Conservancy

June 18th, 2018 Mario Loyola

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) global team is a partner NGO of Fisheries Promotion Institute (IFOP), invited two researchers from the institution, María Cristina Pérez, marine biologist and master in fisheries and Mauricio Ibarra, fishing engineer and master in statistics, they participated in “Data-limited Stock Assessment” technical training course (limited data), given on June 4th and 5th in Arlington city, United States, by Dr. Jason Cope, NOAA’s researcher and Northwest Fisheries Science Center in Seattle.

María Cristina, told us ” NGO TNC invited us to participate in a training where methodologies for the evaluation of limited data fishery resources were approached, as well as biological reference points and estimation of uncertainty through the DLM Tools and Fish Path. “The researcher also described that” the course covered topics related to the estimation of life history parameters and the quantification of uncertainty (FifhLife Tool), biological reference points, methods based on the catch and length, risk analysis and control rules (HCR) “.

All of the above is important in our research work since “it allows us to carry out fishery assessment and management on resources that do not have complete monitoring, where many times they only have catch data and some population parameters. 90% of the fisheries in the world are of poor or limited data, which is why we are working on implementing models to determine both the status of the resource and also biologically acceptable catch quotas based on models that do not have a higher requirement of data and thus achieve a better fishery management of these resources “added the researcher.

Carmen Revenga, Global Marine team of TNC director, explains that “the course aimed to bring together researchers from the most important institutions related to the evaluation and management of fisheries, to discuss the evaluation of fisheries with limited data, methods and their applicability”. The course was also attended by leading researchers from the IFOP, Peru Sea Institute (IMARPE), Scientific and Industrial Research Organization Commonwealth (CSIRO), the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO), NOAA and the National Center Patagonian from Argentina represented by Dr. Ana Parma, in addition, from TNC scientists from California, Chile and Peru.

Finally, Natalio Godoy, Ocean Scientist at TNC in Chile, highlighted that “the course brought together leading researchers from the main fisheries research centers worldwide, which allowed a high-level discussion on the applicability of limited data Fisheries different evaluation methods , it was a very enriching experience that will allow us to continue strengthening the collaboration work between TNC and the IFOP “

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