In Isla Laitec, IFOP researcher, offers educational talks to schoolchildren
29 May, 2019

In Isla Laitec, IFOP researcher, offers educational talks to schoolchildren

June 4th, 2019 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

The Lastenia Oyarzún Andrade school, located in Quellón commune 25 girls and boys from 1rst to 8 years of age and a teaching staff of 4 teachers and 2 assistants in education.

Paulo Mora, Fisheries Development Institute offered the talk “Discovering the world benthic resources of subject to fisheries on the island of Chiloé” at the Lastenia Oyarzún Andrade school, located at Quellón commune of.

Paulo said: “This was an opportunity to bring our daily work closer to the students. For most children it is a world full of new and amazing species, that draws their attention for their incredible life forms and their particular biology. The species of benthic invertebrates are extracted by artisanal fishermen, who in some cases are their parents or grandparents, therefore, it is necessary that these children, who are linked to the sea and its resources daily, be linked to the ocean sd its resources in a daily basis , so they ca be introduced to concepts such as sutainability and conservation.

Karen Ledesma, the establishment director said “For us the talk is important, mainly because we live on an island, therefore, to see and recognize the marine benthic species that inhabit the sea in our area, is very significant, mainly for children, since they did not have much knowledge in the field of these species.

The talk was educational and necessary for the students, it helped us to know the work of the IFOP scientists dedicated to the research and conservation of the sea and its resources. For the students it was very important, the activity they liked a lot, it was an intense and wonderful day for them and for all of us as a school, we took advantage of the exposed topics, since having a marine biologist in the classroom is a resource very powerful educational “.

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