Abate Molina sails aiming sardine and anchoveta research
5 January, 2018

Abate Molina sails aiming sardine and anchoveta research

January 11th, 2018 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

This cruise will last 31 days

Abate Molina IFOP´s Scientific Ship, began a new year of research, it sailed last night at 11:30 p.m., from Valparaíso port, the cruise is headed by fishing engineer Álvaro Saavedra and aims to “evaluate and characterize anchovy stock and common sardine resources present among V and X Regions, through hydroacoustic method, during maximum recruitment period and in immediate autumn. ”

Leonardo Núñez IFOP Director referred to “the important work that Abate ship and all our professionals who tirelessly work in generating necessary fishing knowledge for our fishing resources sustainable management “.

Mauricio Gálvez Head of Fisheries Research Division highlighted “the Department of IFOP Direct Evaluations, headed by Engineer Sergio Lillo, is a traditional item of the Institute and is developing cutting-edge research lines. In this opportunity, and in line with research line supporting fisheries ecosystem management, the cruise can be called an “ecosystemic cruise”, since with multifrequency acoustics that will be used, it will be possible to quantify small planktonic organisms that are an integral part of fish diets and clearly are a key element for main stocks fluctuations understanding “.

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