5 May, 2017

XIV Chilean Limnology Society Congress

June 23rd, 2017 Mario Loyola


Dear Colleagues and Students:

We are pleased to inform you that the 14th Congress of the Chilean Limnology Society (SCL) will be held between the 23rd and 25th October 2017, in the city of Puerto Montt, Los Lagos Region. The event will be organized by the Instituto de Fomento Pesquero (IFOP) and will have as slogan: “Aquatic systems facing global change “.

For this event we will have the valuable presence of Dr. Sergi Sabater, researcher of the ICRA (Catalan Institute for Water Research, Girona Spain) and Professor at the University of Girona, where he is also Coordinator of the research group of “Operation and Conservation of Continental Aquatic Systems (GREFCO)”. During his career as a researcher, Dr. Sabater has mainly focused on ecology of algae and biofilms in rivers, ecotoxicology of biofilms, metabolism and functioning of river systems, and the effects of global change on river systems.

The process of registration and submission of abstracts for participation in this Conference begins this May 5th, 2017. Event registration and abstract (available at the bottom of this page) form enclosed in this call. The registration form and abstract must be completed and sent via e-mail to the Organizing Committee: congresoscl2017@ifop.cl. Each participant may only make an oral presentation and a poster as first author and must be who present his/her own work.

We are carrying out an open invitation to submit work contributions related to the Congress theme, as well as proposals for symposiums, workshops and courses, in order to participate on this initiative, you should contact the Organizing Committee. Symposiums aim to discuss in greater depth a particular theme with a panel of related exhibitors, while a workshop consists of a group work using a specific methodology to obtain a product on a topic in particular, and the courses deliver knowledge through theoretical and/or practical lessons on a specific topic.

Pre and postgraduate students (non-members) who present papers must be sponsored by an active member of the Chilean Limnology Society. There will be registration scholarships to undergraduate students, scholarship’s application process will be duly informed. The registration fee includes a welcome cocktail, camaraderie dinner, a folder which will include the Congress Schedule, a digital book with summaries of the presentations.

Congress Registry:

CategoryAssociateNon Associated









National Professional





Foreign Professional

USD 200

USD 250

Post Graduate Student





Undergraduate Student





The registration fee can be deposited at the banking account no. 24000001241, Banco del Estado, on behalf of Instituto de Fomento Pesquero (ID Number 61.310.000-8). Send a copy of the deposit ticket to Lorena Romero (lorena.romero@ifop.cl) and to the Organizing Committee e-mail: congresoscl2017@ifop.cl with a subject line “Inscripción Congreso de Limnología”. In case you need to bill please send reference information.


Deadline for Simposiums, Courses, Workshops proposals.

June 31-2017

Abstract Deadline

July 15-2017

Scholarship presentation deadline (students)

August 1rst.- 2017

Abstract acceptance

August 15-2017

Deadline for payments without extra charges.

September 1-2017

Hotels, lodgings addresses and detailed information about this Congress, will be informed through IFOP site and The Chilean Limnology Society website.

As it is now a tradition, the Chilean Limnology Society Congresses are a place to share the advances of Limnological science, strengthen professional ties and to get connected a way to get closer to threats on our continental aquatic systems and therefore, we invite you to actively participate.

Kind regards


  • Carolina Oyarzo: carolina.oyarzo@ifop.cl
  • Alejandra Oyanedel: alejandra.oyanedel@ifop.cl
  • Claudia Pérez: claudia.perez@ifop.cl
  • Nicole Pesse: nicole.pesse@ifop.cl
  • Jacqueline Salvo: jacqueline.salvo@ifop.cl
  • Rodrigo Vera: rodrigo.vera@ifop.cl


  • Gastón Vidal: gaston.vidal@ifop.cl
  • Alejandra Oyanedel: alejandra.oyanedel@ifop.cl
  • Carolina Oyarzo: carolina.oyarzo@ifop.cl
  • Jorge Nimptsch: jnimptsch@uach.cl
  • Stefan Wölfl: swoelfl@uach.cl

CONTACT E-MAIL: congresoscl2017@ifop.cl

Work Inscription File (spanish) Abstract File (spanish)

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