Abate Molina Scientific vessel sailed to assess common sardine and anchovy
8 May, 2017

Abate Molina Scientific vessel sailed to assess common sardine and anchovy

May 9th, 2017 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

The research cruise will last 30 days and will travel between Valparaíso and North of Caleta Mansa, in the Los Lagos Region.

Abate Molina IFOP scientific vessel , sailed on April 29th, from Valparaiso’s port, with a total dotation of 26 people, including researchers and crew, to evaluate and characterize the resources stock of common sardine and anchovy present among the V and X regions, through hydro acoustic method, during the maximum recruitment period and Fall.
The project manager and head of cruise, is the fishing engineer Álvaro Saavedra and the master of the vessel is Enrique Quiero.
The study area is between V region (parallel 32 ° 10’s) northern boundary and North of Caleta Mansa parallel (40 ° 20’s), between the coast and the Western limit of the continental shelf,

Specific objectives

Abundance (in number) and biomass (by weight) of the fraction and total recruit common sardine and anchovy which are incorporated in the period of maximum recruitment to the fishery, and immediate fall.
To estimate the composition of height, weight, age, and sex proportion of anchovy and sardine stock common in the area and study periods.
To determine distribution areas and bathymetric and latitudinal abundance of both species, characterizing and linking, in addition, meteorological and oceanographic conditions in the main focuses of abundance during the evaluation cruises.
To characterize and analyze the aggregations of anchoveta and common sardine resources in the areas and periods of study.

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