Workers of IFOP Talcahuano participate as volunteers in cleaning beaches
29 October, 2015

Workers of IFOP Talcahuano participate as volunteers in cleaning beaches

November 26th, 2015 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

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A team of workers of IFOP Talcahuano belonging to “program of scientific observers’ work as volunteers in the cleaning of Caleta Tumbes, they are: Braulio Acuña, Macarena Fields Camilo Mardones, Ariel Pinto, Katherine Pinto, Danilo De Soto, Miguel Angel Las Vegas and Cristian Villouta. The activity is in line with the international day of beach cleaning, in Chile, is organized since 2005 by the Directorate General of the Maritime Territory and Merchant Marine of the Chilean Navy (DIRECTEMAR) and since 2011 has joined the Ministry of Environment.

Katherine Pinto, catalogr of IFOP Talcahuano, says: “we are working on the dissemination of the Research Program of discarding in purse seine fisheries Pelagic to which we belong and these instances we allow you to reinforce our commitment to reduce the marine pollution. Stressing the importance of generating synergy between institutions such as the IFOP and DIRECTEMAR inter, contributing in these topics of mutual interest.

The reason to participate in this activity in the Caleta de Tumbes was to create awareness and give an example to the community through the active commitment to sustainable development. It was also an excellent opportunity in which we were able to work as monitors along with the students of the Peninsula School of Tumbes F-495 in conjunction with navy personnel who led the activity.”

Miguel Las Vegas scientific observer, detailed the litter found “organic, domestic waste, plastic waste in general and of boats, highlighting a washing machine, hand truck and a microwave. In addition to containers of alcoholic products and cigarette butts. It is important that we increase awareness to our neighbors with these activities, the coastal and ocean pollution is a pop-up thematic concern on a global level, we must understand that the deterioration of ecosystems brings environmental and social impacts that have an impact on the quality of life and opportunities in the development of tourism to the inlets”.

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