Ministry of Science’s Seremi visits IFOP
13 December, 2019

Ministry of Science’s Seremi visits IFOP

December 15th, 2019 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

María José Escobar, Science Technology Knowledge and Innovation Seremi (ministerial secretariat) for Coquimbo / Valparaíso macro zone; isited Fisheries Development Institute in Valparaíso, in the activity the authority met with Luis Parot Donoso IFOP Executive Director and with researchers who presented the main projects developed by the institute.

The Seremi said “The visit seemed wonderful to me, since it allowed me to know what they do, their projects, to know that their work is at national level with international standards, in addition the amount of data and information that IFOP handles and that are of high relevance for caring about our ocean; I want to emphasize that I am pleasantly surprised about IFOP’s work ”

IFOP Executive Director , added “the visit is a very significant step for us since it is very likely that CORFO technology institutes, which today depend effectively on CORFO, will in the future depend on the Sciences Ministry, so it is relevant to socialize ‘s work and the importance of this work at a national level in the monitoring of fisheries subject to commercial exploitation. It is very important because of the need that the science that the Institute does is also reinforced in the medium and long term. It was a very good experience to meet Seremi, to know about her career and to be able to show her IFOP capabilities and facilities in Valparaíso ”

Dr. Jaime Letelier Pino, Oceanography and Environment Department Head explained “The seremi visited IFOP Oceanography and Environment Department ,the Planctology laboratory where she got to internalize her knowledge about the laboratory activities, that is, planktonic species identification and also fish eggs and larvae such as anchovy and sardine. In the same way, she also learned about the activities and advanced equipment used by the institute in its annual sampling and in progress achieved through FAO project development “Interoperable Information System, which systematizes and integrates data on fisheries, aquaculture and climate change “: That the executed by the Institute ”

The researcher Carlos Techeira commented “It was a conversation instance to present in general terms part of the Institute work associated with research lines and innovation compatible with tthe new Ministry objectives and interests . Thus, in the field of benthic fisheries, the potential of the development of lines associated with the coupling of hydrodynamic models with biological components and social sciences to fisheries co-management policies was exposed ”

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