Scientific Equipment

Updated: Thursday September 10th, 2020
September 10th, 2020 IFOP
Climate Change Monitoring Network Map

Climate Change Monitoring Network Map


The equipment present in the network consists of a set of multi-parametric meteorological stations located in the national territory, a telephone communication system to transport the signals to a central server and a data acquisition, archive, analysis and distribution center. and weather information.

A station is called multi-parametric because it consists of the following sensors and data acquisition systems:

1. Outdoor Temperature Sensor
2. Exterior Humidity Sensor
3. Wind Speed ​​Sensor
4. Wind Direction Sensor
5. Precipitation (Precipitation)
6. Atmospheric Pressure Sensor
7. Indoor Temperature Sensor (console)
8. Indoor Humidity Sensor (console)
9. Solar Radiation Sensor (6162)
10. UV radiation sensor (6162)


  • Davis Vantage Pro2, 3 meteorological measurement equipment consisting of an integrated set of sensors for the visualization and real-time recording of data through a console and a data logger that can be via USB or IP, through which, using the Weatherlink software and a PC, you can access and / or download the information. The locations of Davis Ventage Pro2 weather stations


  • HOBO RX3000, 3 devices that allow data to be stored for the vast majority of meteorological variables, and send them via Ethernet, Wi-fi or 3G to the HOBOlink® application in the cloud for remote management from any computer, Tablet or Smartphone. Unlike Davis Ventage Pro2 weather stations, measurement of wind speed and direction is done using a sonic sensor. The locations of the HOBO RX3000 stations