Artisanal fishing port Coliumo

Updated: Wednesday October 21st, 2020
October 21st, 2020 IFOP
Location of sampling stations

Location of sampling stations


Located in the Tomé community in the Biobío region, 42 km from Concepción. Bahía Coliumo presents an important brand and an important event of the event during the spring and winter period, which will characterize this highly productive area and will support a high weight of the product. Artisanal fishing is divided into boatmen, boatmen and seaweed. Among the boatmen, their main resources are: sardine, anchovy, horse mackerel, cuttlefish, pippin and common hake. Among the boatmen the main resources are; common hake, silverside, pippin and cuttlefish. And among the algueras the main resources are: chicorea de mar, pelillo, luga and la chasca..
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