Ministerio del Medio Ambiente presented a marine ecosystem classification proposal
12 April, 2016

Ministerio del Medio Ambiente presented a marine ecosystem classification proposal

May 6th, 2016 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

Last April 8, at IFOP Valparaíso auditorium, the Environment Department presented a “Marine Ecosystem Classification Proposal” to IFOP researchers and representatives of Fishing Undersecretary.

medio ambiente ifopDr. Jaime Rovira, of Environment Department, commented about the meeting: “We presented a marine ecosystem classification proposal for the entire exclusive economic zone, and our objective is to share this initiative since we think is an important step for focusing on the management of our ecosystems and marine species conservation. IFOP was given an important role as source of information and contribution to recognize important areas for the life of our species and our ecosystems.

I think the meeting was pretty constructive, a proactive human group, duly informed and very committed with the future of these ecosystems.”

Leonardo Núñez Montaner, Executive Director of Instituto de Fomento Pesquero, explained that “for IFOP, is very important always to develop meetings about the biodiversity, since our job is mainly focused on advising by means of technical reports and with the best information, in order to the country fishing management can make the best decisions.

In this context, it is convenient and very important that professionals of Ministerio del Medio Ambiente can share with IFOP researchers, a study that they have developed to divide the country into zones, according to the marine ecosystem attributes.

After listening the information and the analysis of this subject, it appears a huge challenge, to complement the information and to give a more broad approach, probably more strategic for our investigations, and so, to create a better understanding of which are the processes of our natural capital, and the economical expectations our country has about them.

We think is important to keep in contact with Ministerio del Medioambiente, and create links of information transfer, in order to have always a global knowledge of our ecosystems.”

Dr. Jaime Letelier Pino, in charge of Departamento de Oceanografía y Medio Ambiente of IFOP, commented on “the marine ecosystem classification proposal” as a very important work since it is about to summarize geographically a large amount of available information about our sea and our hydro biological species. In this context, our Department committed to make available, for the Ministerio, all available information and especially the knowledge and experience of our researchers, who have been studying the ocean and its marine resources for decades; and now, they are also studying the ecosystem, that is, the organisms and the interactions, including the environment and the human component too.

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