Massive participation of IFOP researchers in Sea Science Congress
23 May, 2017

Massive participation of IFOP researchers in Sea Science Congress

May 25th, 2017 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

This year IFOP presents numerous research projects, audiovisual material and panels

XXXVII Congress of Sciences of the Sea will be held between May 22 and 26 in the Central House of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaiso.The subject will be “Biodiversity and Conservation of Our Ocean and its Resources”.

This event  is organized every year by the Chilean Society of Marine Sciences (SCHCM). Since 2010, the “Honor in Scientia Marina Award” has been granted to a partner who has had a clear and outstanding participation in the Society’s activities. This year the prize is received by Dr. Eduardo Tarifeño, who will give the inaugural lecture entitled “Why study the Chilean sea ?”.

Leonardo Núñez, Executive Director of IFOP explained the conference “is an opportunity for our researchers to validate and discuss the institute’s research approach and is a space to manage knowledge about our marine resources”

Marcelo Campos, President of the Chilean Society of Marine Sciences (SCHCM), added that “For the SCHCM Board, which I have the honor to preside over, it is highly gratifying to note the growing interest in Sea Science Congresses annually and Have been uninterrupted since 1981. This year, when we are on the verge of opening its XXXVII version, it is also very pleasant to know that the Institute for Fisheries Promotion (IFOP), through several of its researchers, will have an active participation in this Congress, which is known as one of the most relevant in Chile and Latin America. The intervention of these researchers as well as the presentation of the results of their work in the symposia and sessions of oral presentations and posters that have been programmed, are without a doubt a very important reference to ensure the sustainable use of hydrobiological resources and their environment.

At the same time, it is important to emphasize that the strategic role of the IFOP, based on the generation, development and transfer of knowledge obtained through various research, is fully in tune with the objectives of the SCHCM. This makes several of its professionals active partners of our Society and we hope in the near future to have a greater number of them in our ranks.

At the end of this XXXVII Sea Sciences Science Congress, we hope to strengthen our relations of mutual collaboration in order to continue contributing solid and effective in the generation of knowledge, in this important area required by the country. It would also be very important for the IFOP authorities to consider the possibility of organizing, after 2022, a Sea Science Congress, as they did successfully in 1992. ”

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