IFOP researcher Luis Adasme completed an internship in New Zealand
3 January, 2019

IFOP researcher Luis Adasme completed an internship in New Zealand

January 11th, 2019 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

Internship was on South Pacific Seabirds incidental capture in fisheries analysis: solutions for migratory corridor Chile -New Zealand

During the months of October and November of 2018 in Wellington (New Zealand) city Luis Adasme Fisheries Evaluation Department professional participated in an ACAP (Agreement on the conservation of Albatrosses and Petrel) internship at the Conservation Department ( Department of Conservation te Papa Atawbai) and in the offices of the Ministry of Primary Industries (Manatu Ahu matua) of that country, highlighting IFOP work carried out by the study of seabirds incidental capture

Luis Adasme explained “Since 2013, Chile has presented a sustained advance in the study and recording of seabirds incidental capture in different fisheries that are monitored by national fisheries developed monitoring programs carried out by (IFOP) as well as by the discard research programs, the foregoing, product of the momentum that current Fisheries Law has generated, incorporating ecosystemic approach as fisheries management strategy

The internship work is part of the activities planned by ACAP to encourage and promote the work developed by Seabird Bycatch Working Group. The internship “Analysis of incidental capture of seabirds in fisheries of the South Pacific: solutions for the migration corridor Chile – New Zealand, seeks to initiate and develop scientific and technical cooperation between both countries, in order to standardize and integrate information from Chile and New Zealand through the application of the methodology to the set of incidental capture data recorded in both countries, which could eventually allow the elaboration of integrated and consensual solutions regarding the existing seabird migratory corridor in the Pacific ”

New Zealand since 2009 has been using and refining the spatially explicit risk assessment methodology in fisheries applied to seabird bycatch (Spatially Explicit Fisheries Risk Assessment, SEFRA), scientifically demonstrating the risk faced by these species product of commercial fishing.

Binational cooperation agreement

During the activities progress directly related to the internship specific objectives in direct relation to the interests proposed by ACAP for its member states and as a result of joint work among New Zealand Department of Conservation, (Igor Debski), Ministry for Primary Industries NZ, (Nathan Walker), Subsecretary of Fisheries of Chile (Marcelo García), Albatross Task Force (Cristián Suazo) and the Fisheries Development Institute (Luis Adasme), together with the support of different people who contributed their Contributions to this initiative, a bilateral cooperation agreement was achieved, which was signed in Auckland city by the respective foreign affairs ministers in a ceremony where the highest authorities of both countries were present

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