IFOP’S oceanographic buoys online monitoring program launching at AQUASUR
25 March, 2024

IFOP’S oceanographic buoys online monitoring program launching at AQUASUR

March 31st, 2024 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

At AQUASUR, the largest southern hemisphere aquaculture fair, IFOP jointly with Fisheries and Aquaculture Undersecretariat presented oceanographic and environmental data center program in chilean southern austral zone. The project considers oceanographic buoys progressive installation in each of the salmon concession groups, currently there are 6 buoys in full operation and during 2024 3 additional buoys will be installed, in the medium term the installation of an approximate total of 60 buoys.

The buoys are acquired and managed by each concessions group and data is transmitted to IFOP’s computer servers. Data is validated and stored by IFOP, this entire process had a 3 years proof timing . During the program launching in AQUASUR, data was released and from now on it will be an open platform with universal access. To access you must go to chonos.ifop.cl and then to its Data Center application.

This monitoring system provides meteorological and oceanographic data (currents, pH, temperature, salinity and turbidity), data that will be relevant for aquaculture activity administration and sustainability. For IFOP, each buoy represents a calibration point of domain of our operational oceanographic and atmospheric forecast model (MOSA), over time it will become more robust, improve knowledge of our ecosystems and facilitate decision making not only because data will be able to be projected spatially within the model domain but can also be projected temporally and thereby address eventual climatic change effects.

AQUASUR’s presentation was made by the following people: Marisol Álvarez, Susana Giglio both from Subpesca, Jurleys Velljín and Gastón Vidal from IFOP.

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