Unpublished cuttlefish marking project, led by IFOP and GEF Humboldt II project, in  Coquimbo Region
21 March, 2024

Unpublished cuttlefish marking project, led by IFOP and GEF Humboldt II project, in Coquimbo Region

March 25th, 2024 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

Within the execution of Cuttlefish Biological Research Program in Chile framework (GEF Humboldt II – IFOP), between March 13th and 17th, the marking activity of cuttlefish specimens was carried out on Coquimbo Region’s coasts, in Guanaqueros port.

The program’s general objective is to establish a cuttlefish in Chile biological research program in sectors outside fishery, emphasizing on renewal and growth rates, complementary to carried out monitoring project studies .

Among different specific objectives there is cuttlefish migratory patterns research through a mark and recapture study. In this context, 50 cuttlefish were marked with spaghetti-type external marks and two squid marked with satellite transmitters. This activity relevance lies in obtaining information on in situ cuttlefish distribution, such as horizontal and vertical migration that this cephalopod carries out on our coasts.

The first satellite transmitters obtained results are expected in the next 15 and 30 days. If positive results are obtained, this would be the first successful experience in our country related to these animals marking.

Project Manager’s words: “We are very happy and excited to have carried out the first of these experiences with a great work team. Having this type of satellite information is of utmost importance to complement biological aspects of this species on our coast. Currently, cuttlefish migration in Chile is an enigma, therefore, marks and satellite data return help us better understand this cephalopod habitat.

The team that worked on shipments is: MSc. Karen Belmar Salinas (Project Manager), Dr. Patricia Zarate (Researcher) and José Durán, Semi-senior scientific observer.

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