IFOP (Fishing Promotion Institte) donates scientific equipment to Valparaíso School
6 December, 2017

IFOP (Fishing Promotion Institte) donates scientific equipment to Valparaíso School

December 13th, 2017 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

Jean Wacquez Mourfin School, which has outstanding SIMCE results in language, mathematics and biology in 2015 and 2016 was granted with this benefit.

On Monday, December 4rth at IFOP headquarters IFOP Director, Leonardo Núñez, , met Rotary Club members Marco Araya and Claudio Rodríguez to materialize this scientific equipment donation intended to help on the implementation of a science laboratory at this school.

Leonardo Núñez IFOP executive director stressed IFOP social responsibility with the community, in addition to mentioning the importance of being able to support future scientists training, although the equipment is not new, it is in optimal conditions and corresponds to 6 stereoscopic loupes and four illuminators that will be very useful for the school ”

Rotary of Valparaíso President,Claudio Rodríguez, added “all of what we are doing is framed in what Rotary is looking for (it is one of the oldest clubs in Chile and, it has been recognized as” Valparaíso Intangible Heritage “) that is helping the community in different areas of social action and we focus on this school because we believe that it requires a lot of support for children. They have also been very successful in SIMCE test obtaining excellent results, which demonstrates teachers commitment, parents and the children as well. This clearly enhances children’s interest in science, with this we are opening the world where they will find answers to things they do not see or do not know ”

Juan Olivares ,IFOP researcher finished “When Rotary got in contact with me, I realized that there was an opportunity for our institute to cooperate with this school” located in the Ramaditas hill, the great majority of the boys of this school look at the sea from the hill and many do not even know Valparaíso downtown. As IFOP professionals , our commitment must be to the surroundings where our institute is located and, above all, to promote and awaken interest in ocean sciences, the future of Chile is to give equal opportunities to all the children of our country. “

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