New premises for Instituto Fomento Pesquero opened at Puerto Aysén
9 May, 2016

New premises for Instituto Fomento Pesquero opened at Puerto Aysén

June 16th, 2016 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

With the presence of Executive Director of IFOP, Mr. Leonardo Nuñez; Aysen governor, Ms. Paz Foitzich; the regional director of Sernapesca, Mr. Cristian Hudson; CORE President, Mr. Julio Uribe and representatives of Military Forces, Thursday morning was the opening of the new premises for Instituto de Fomento Pesquero in Aysén.

“It was an important desire to consolidate this infrastructure,” informed the Executive Director of IFOP, Mr. Leonardo Núñez.
“It was a highly appreciated desire to consolidate this function, which is investigation and we want, with this, express our interest to link together with the region. It is important to mention that before this place, we were separated in operative issues, fishing world and aquaculture world. So, our wish was to have a more corporative vision, in such a way that people can interchange knowledge among the same professionals”.
Regarding the role and work of IFOP, Leonardo Nuñez added, “The Institute is the assistant advisor of Subsecretaria de Pesca, being this the one who make decisions about management of fishing resources and underwater activity. In that line, we are spread out through all the country, as in Aysén, where all basic information turns into technical studies on exploitation status of the resources, for instance, in the fishing world. Then, this information goes to technical committees, who decide jointly with the Undersecretary of Fishing and the respective Secretary of State, the possible levels of exploitation, in order to maintain the sustainability of the resources.”
At last, the governor of the province, Paz Foitzich, after the opening of the new offices of IFOP at Puerto Aysén, mentioned that this “is an important advance in terms of scientific support for the decision making regarding the fishing issues.”
Source: Radio Las Nieves

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