IFOP is granted with important recognition by helping spread science in schoolchildren
4 May, 2018

IFOP is granted with important recognition by helping spread science in schoolchildren

May 7th, 2018 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

Researcher Romanet Seguel was awarded with “1000 scientists a thousand classrooms” award granted in Aysén

On April 19th in the city of Coyhaique, “Meeting of relevant actors and leaders 2018” was held, an activity carried out by Universidad Austral of Chile, Patagonia Campus, and Regional Associative Project, PAR Explora de CONICYT Region of Aysén. In this instance, two researchers from Aysén headquarters, Romanet Seguel and Alfredo Astorga, participated.

The meeting reviewed regional activities carried out during 2017, pointing out these activities scope of and things that can be improved, in order to better meet proposed objectives. In addition, a recognition was made for each activity developed and within the category “1000 scientists 100 classrooms”, Romanet was the winner, she commented “I was awarded that award, for the interest generated in the talk I performed which was entitled What are fjords? Apart from the scientific component, it has a local interest, so local children get to know the area where they live and thus value their environment. I call them to participate in the program and plant seeds of science and research in them; we inherit the future at every minute “.

At the end he added “I love working with children, now EXPLORA has some activities this year at the preschool level, so that will be a new challenge, because I have to see what I explain to the 5-year-olds. Another way to participate is a CORFO initiative with a gender focus, it is called “Women’s Awareness” where scientists from the region will be mentors of middle-school women in the development of IFOP Aysén scientific project we sign up with Yessica Robles and we are waiting for the results. “

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