Workshop on Management Strategies held by IFOP
9 June, 2021

Workshop on Management Strategies held by IFOP

June 11th, 2021 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

On June 3rd Fisheries Development Institute organized its Fisheries Management Strategies workshop with 50 attendees participation, among which we can mention IFOP, Fisheries Undersecretary and Sernapesca researchers.

Dr. Juan Carlos Quiroz explained “Management strategies (SEM) are a tool that scientists use to simulate a fishing system operation and test whether potential harvest strategies can achieve previously agreed management objectives.

EEM also helps to identify capture strategy that is likely to perform best, regardless of uncertainty, and balance trade-offs amid competing management goals. In essence, EEM is a process for developing and agreeing on a harvest strategy and, unlike traditional assessment-based fisheries science, allows collaboration between scientists who do most of the modeling and analytical work of the EEM and the administrators, with the guidance of interested parties ”
IFOP researcher Alejandro Roldan explained, this time the workshop was about the presentation of the project, background and scope on EEM application , first approaches to concepts and methodology for its implementation, as well as differences between an indirect evaluation of stock and EEM.

These workshops are part of “Development of a structural route for the implementation of the Approach Evaluation of Management Strategies (EEM) in pelagic fisheries project”, whose objectives are:

To agree on a EMS definition consistent with current regulations, and the roles of involved Institutions in management and scientific research for its development.

To identify, describe and prioritize Chilean pelagic fisheries EEM structural components at a general level, and, considering as case studies South Pacific Chilean Horse Mackerel and North Anchovy.

-To develop and execute EEM structural components for pelagic fisheries, and associated with each case study technical scope.

To evaluate EEM-pilot tool effectiveness to achieve established management objective in each sresearch fishery.

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