IFOP takes the lead in search of lost worker at Aysen Fjord
26 October, 2016

IFOP takes the lead in search of lost worker at Aysen Fjord

November 2nd, 2016 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

Bruno Núñez

The Executive Director of Instituto de Fomento Pesquero, Leonardo Nunez, is in Aysén where he met with regional authorities and with the family of Bruno Nunez.

Between 24 and 26 October, the Executive Director of IFOP, Leonardo Nunez, remained at Aysen. The professional explained: “I traveled to meet with the Chief Prosecutor of Aysén, who is leading the cause for the disappearance of Bruno, Mr. Patricio Jory, Maritime Governor, Jaime Aros and Provincial Governor, Ms. Paz Foitzick, to be informed on more searching actions for Bruno and also coordinate joint actions. Later, at IFOP Aysén premises, with these same authorities, we held an informative meeting with the family of Bruno. It should be emphasized that the IFOP will continue with the searching work using underwater hydro acoustic technology equipment and specialized Rov.

Our institution is very shocked and distressed, especially our Aysen colleagues, who have maintained an admirable attitude of integrity and dedication to the work of searching. We have taken the lead from the first minute of the search, along with the Provincial Governor, the Navy, the prosecutor office. Regarding the causes, they are developing the appropriate legal processes and we are working with all the information. We are focused on the search for Bruno since the first announcement; we have been adding support, maintaining six vessels in the water, with 22 people, all coworkers who persevere every day to find their co-worker.”

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