IFOP carries out the program  “Working with my child”
25 July, 2017

IFOP carries out the program “Working with my child”

July 28th, 2017 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

IFOP workers childrens who live in Valparaíso, where welcomed by Executive Director Leonardo Núñez.

The day began at 08:30 in the morning with the arrival of the children to IFOP headquarters, then they were in charge of an expert monitor, performing many fun and diverse activities until 13:00 o’clock. They has fun with a magic show, watched a movie, and visited their parent’s work in order to get know better what their parents do at work.

Andrea Rojas, IFOP welfare officer and organizer of the activity added “the sons and daughters of our workers visited us on Friday July 21, enjoyed a day full of entertaining activities with their families.

The activity is part of one of the programs of the Welfare Unit “Somos Familia” developed by the Department of Human Resources and whose objective is that parents and children interact during a day, in addition to the children canget to know the place of work and the kind of work performed by their parents. ”
Pablo Araya, an IFOP researcher, was in charge of explaining what we do at IFOP through the story called “Plas and Tika Garbage Bags which belong to Scientists”, which explains in a didactic way the destination of plastic. highlight the importance of researching, taking care of our oceans, marine life and how we can contribute to conserving them.

Pablo said about the activity “It is always gratifying to have the opportunity to tell part of what we do to young people, especially when these are our own children. Being able to listen to them, see their reactions and learn from them, is an unforgettable experience that gives you life. Hopefully these initiatives will continue over time. “

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