IFOP participates in the Year of the Oceans 2017 launching
19 July, 2017

IFOP participates in the Year of the Oceans 2017 launching

July 24th, 2017 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

The launching of the Year of the Oceans 2017 was carried out at the Marine Sciences Faculty of Universidad Católica del Norte (UCN). This was held under PAR CONICYT Explora Program of Coquimbo, executed by UCN.

This activity objective was to publicize the work done by institutions and organizations related to marine sciences, to the school community.
Denisse Boré, IFOP Coquimbo’s chief of staff, explained that a panel called “ Our Oceans, Our Future: An Ecosystemic Gaze ” was held at the conference, which brought together the Millennium Nucleus of Ecology and Sustainable Management of Oceanic Islands (ESMOI) ; Research Group on Artisanal Fisheries and Coastal Societies (GIPART); And the Institute for Fisheries Development (IFOP).

IFOP work throughout the national territory was exhibited, through its Zonal Bases, where data is taken and will constitute an input for the technical reports that will later allow SUBPESCA to manage the fishery resources of our sea. Also, highlighting the work done by the Scientific Observers in information collection, both shipped and in the dock. Finally, to show changes in research vision, considering amendments made to the Fisheries Law explicitly incorporated the concept of sustainability and with it the research of fishery resources, with an ecosystemic approach ” .

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