IFOP is  part of  Sclerochronology International Conference  in Croatia
8 July, 2019

IFOP is part of Sclerochronology International Conference in Croatia

August 22nd, 2019 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

Sclerochronology is the study of physical and chemical variations in hard tissues of organisms, such as; molluscs, corals and otoliths in fish and the temporal context in which they were formed. Its main research focuses on growth bands and their relationship with environmental forcing at different time scales.

Between June 16th and 21rst, 2019, the Fifth International Sclerochronology Conference was held at Split – Croatia. From Chile the Fishing Development Institute professionals Guillermo Moyano and Lizandro Muñoz presented their work “Age and growth of the fish: Reineta (Brama australis) in the south-central area of Chile” by Guillermo Moyano. “Stereoscopic vision of otoliths through micro-photogrammetry” by Lizandro Muñoz. Being the only participating South American delegation.

“Among the Conference main activities, was to know the latest techniques of otoliths samples preparation and analysis , valves and corals, in addition to statistical methods used in each of the exposed works. Ideas were exchanged and cooperation was generated with other laboratories, in order to acquire new tools to develop at IFOP age and growth laboratory “explained Moyano

Lizandro Muñoz stressed “another objective was to disseminate and encourage attendees participation to the next” Otoliths International Symposium “to be held in Chile in 2022, which will be organized entirely by the Fisheries Development Institute”.

Guillermo Moyano and Lizandro Muñoz belong to IFOP age and growth section where they perform analysis and research functions in age and growth for different Chilean fishery resources in the Comprehensive Advisory Programs for Decision Making in Fisheries and Aquaculture.

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