IFOP organized 5 to 5  Soccer championship in Coquimbo
21 September, 2018

IFOP organized 5 to 5 Soccer championship in Coquimbo

September 27th, 2018 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

This initiative seeks to promote sports, healthy living and camaraderie among participants

Between September 3rd and 7th , at Coquimbo Athens sports complex, for the third consecutive year 5 to 5 soccer championship was held, bringing together fishing industry companies and institutions. This year, Isla Damas, Pam Isla Picton, Bracpesca, IFOP Coquimbo, Intertec-Sernapesca, fishery Rymar, Isla Tabon of artisanal and coastal area G.M. of Coquimbo Maritime Governance.

Juan Tapia IFOP scientific observer and one this event organizers commented “as a way to promote sports and healthy coexistence among fishing industry actors, in 2016 this championship was born, with IFOP Coquimbo as this activity first organizer. Due to its success, it was decided to make a third 2018version, with 2 new guests from artisan crustaceans field (island tabón) and sailors (littoral G.M.) completing 8 teams this year 2018. ”

Alejandro Dal Santo, Coquimbo’s IFOP’s head, said “I want to congratulate this event participating teams, without their outstanding presence and commitment we would not have arrived at this moment, sport helps us to have a better performance for our mind and body, participation, camaraderie, and fraternity that we have experienced during this championship have been thanks to all of you, success is yours, my congratulations to all and many thanks. ”

Coquimbo AIP manager Leandro Sturla commented; We want to recognize and congratulate IFOP for leading this sporting initiative and healthy coexistence among local fishing actors, objectives were fully achieved in the best environment and coexistence and camaraderie among all participants, I reiterate our recognition. It generates a motivator precedent to grow year after year with fishermen festival.

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