26 February, 2018

IFOP launches innovative mobile application that will allow to get Red Tide information

March 5th, 2018 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

The i-FANS application available in google play is free, it will notify users through cell phones messages, whenever relative abundance data of Alexandrium catenella is updated, indicating updated zone.

IFOP launched the application for cell phones and tablets for both Android and IOS platforms and will allow to know in a single click updated and detailed reports on red tide these are generated by Harmful Algal Studies Center (CREAN) specialists from IFOP Fishing Development Institute.

i ~ FAN means Harmful Algal Blooms Information and is an application developed by Harmful Algal Studies Center (CREAN) belonging to Fisheries Development Institute (IFOP), whose purpose is to show relative abundance of Alexandrium catenella microalga, aiming to inform and alert about this harmful dinoflagellate presence. In addition, you can find FAN related news, microalgae photographs and frequently asked questions, allowing interaction with users through text messages in the same App. This information is preventive and in no case determines the opening and closing of seafood extraction areas.

The application will allow a clear understanding about what is happening with Alexandrium catenella distribution and abundance, this microalgae is responsible for paralytic toxin presence in shellfish and constitutes an harmful algal blooms early warning (FAN) of this microorganism.
The proposal was promoted by Corfo Strategic National Program on Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture, through Dialecto Sur Ltda. consulting company Responsible for developing this application.

Leonardo Núñez, IFOP Executive Director emphasized “this initiative is a significant step forward in public value information generated by the institute in fisheries and aquaculture sectoral framework facilitation access “.

Leonardo Guzmán, IFOP Aquaculture Division Head , referred to the application importance ” local environment knowledge is key to people’s integration to their environment, and background dissemination provided by the application, is a way to approach people, keep them informed and allow them to gradually develop an environmental culture, linked to the particularities of sectors or localities in which they live or carry out their activities, but at the same time it is useful for those who make short-term stays for different reasons, including tourists “” environmental culture facilitates local environment understanding and responsible behaviors development ” technologies use and social networks is an appropriate way to use these means and one of the ways in which development is appreciated ”

Andrés García, IFOP Information Technology Department Head, explained “that the application can be used in smartphones that have both Android (+4.1) and iOS (Iphone) operating systems, and can be searched and downloaded directly by their name “IFAN”, both in Google Play store and Apple Store, does not require special permits, but it does have access to the internet, given that the information presented has a high update rate, depending on the situation. ”
For Android downloading you can enter https://goo.gl/XALJYZ or https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dialectosur.ifan&hl=es

or in the following link

Get it on Google Play

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