IFOP begins  bidding process for  a modern scientific vessel design and construction
12 January, 2022

IFOP begins bidding process for a modern scientific vessel design and construction

January 17th, 2022 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

The new ship will replace legendary Abate Molina

On Friday, January 7th, IFOP, Institute which advises Chilean State on fishing, aquaculture, oceanography and climatic change matters, uploaded to Public Market Portal the requirements proposal that will allow contracting national or international advice for a new and modern ship for applied research in fishing and aquaculture design and subsequent construction of.

This bid, which was entrusted expressly in the 2022 Budget Law to IFOP, represents a great technical and professional challenge to technically update research platforms with cutting-edge technologies available worldwide and have several units to meet the country’s research requirements, necessary for fishery resources management based on scientific information. In this way, progress is being made in meeting long-standing expectations of the scientific community, for national fishing-oceanographic research fleet improvement.

This new unit, when it comes into operation, will replace BC Abate Molina, which has been operating uninterrupted for more than 30 years

This first stage expires on January 21rst, where offers will be received from national and international consultants who finally participate.

Luis Parot IFOP Executive Director explained “the idea is that the budget for the year 2023 contemplates required resources for the ship’s construction and that it has to be ready by the end of 2024

The technical team in charge of designing the ship is made up of fishing engineers, Jorge Castillo and Patricio Herrera”.

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