IFOP starts up a management areas conservation and care dissemination campaign.
20 November, 2020

IFOP starts up a management areas conservation and care dissemination campaign.

November 23rd, 2020 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

It is focused on educating about illegal fishing serious effects and the importance of caring for marine forests

Fisheries Development Institute, through its Monitoring Program for Fisheries under Management Area Regime, carries out its annual dissemination activities aimed at artisanal fishermen organizations in charge of management areas. On this occasion, the importance of the monitoring carried out in the environmental and economic spheres for the sustainability of fisheries in Management Areas (AMERB) is made known through four posters.

  • Environmental Monitoring: its purpose is to know and interpret local level climatic effects (g. ENSO) (AMERB) and how this can help to make decisions of an administrative nature.
  • Economic Monitoring: indicates profitability levels obtained by the regime and its level of contribution to fishermen income.
  • Conservation of Marine Forests: mentions the role they play in maintaining diversity of marine species and sweeping actions on their ecosystems effects .
  • Chilean Abalone resource llegal Fishing in Management Areas : it relates the effects that illegal activity has had respect to total authorities granted quotas measuring its extractive and economic impact

The dissemination activity will focus on the country north-central area, where a total of 55 fishermen’s organizations located between Valparaíso and Antofagasta regions will be visited, and will also take advantage of information gathering required for both monitoring.

The dissemination process will begin at the end of November 2020 and will continue during 2021 summer season.

Pedro Romero (pedro.romero@ifop.cl) and Eliana Velasco (eliana.velasco@ifop.cl), are researchers in charge of this initiative. Pedro Romero, is an agricultural and environmental economist, currently dedicated to Management Areas regime economic, social, organizational and institutional impact evaluation.

Eliana Velasco, is a Biologist, with emphasis on marine biology, as well as Agricultural Engineer, currently dedicated to research in habitat structuring species such as brown algae and the influence of regionally reported phenomena (e.g. ENSO) on AMERB climatological variability.

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