IFOP delivers document on fisheries ecosystemic approach
17 October, 2018

IFOP delivers document on fisheries ecosystemic approach

March 3rd, 2019 Mario Loyola

It was sent to Fisheries and Aquaculture Undersecretariat of, it makes an approach regarding how ecosystemic approach to fisheries should be considered both in fisheries management and in scientific research that informs about management. The instrument is also made available to the fishing sector, along with a cartoon to address the concepts with a more direct and simple language. It is expected that these inputs will help define lines of action for the effective application of the ecosystemic approach to fisheries in Chile.

Fisheries and Aquaculture General Law review (LGPA) made by FAO in 2016 evidenced, among other things, the need to review definition and conceptualization of Fisheries in Chile Ecosystemic Approach. This review concluded that “it is recommended that, in a progressive manner, Fisheries Ecosystemic Approach concept (EEP) included in the LGPA be expanded to include other biotic components and human ecosystem dimension; as well as their interactions, applying an integrated approach to fisheries within environmentally significant limits. ” This need to define what is understood by EEP, both at the conceptual level and in the operative field of fishery management and research, has already been addressed by the national scientific community in several symposia that were developed since 2000.

Luis Parot IFOP Executive Director expressed “this contribution made by the Institute to the national fishing community is distinctive. Consulted that distinguishes these documents he told us “The reason is very simple: we wanted to leave the purely scientific format to reach a wider audience. Without losing the scientific rigor, we offer a simple language approach on how Ecosystemic Approach should be understood and applied in the management and investigation of Chilean fisheries. To make reading and discussion more attractive, we adapt a story about this topic. Finally, these documents are useful not only for the fishing sector, but also apply to the discussion on the management of shared natural resources, such as tourism resources, marine biodiversity, marine source energy, to name a few. We hope they are considered and represent a contribution. ”

Mauricio Gálvez, IFOP Fisheries Research Division head added: “The discussion of the Ecosystemic Approach to fisheries has been developing in academic areas for a decade now; but we believe that this issue should be discussed in an informed manner from the sector foundations , in the coves, unions, companies, management committees, and for which IFOP makes this contribution. We have built this position paper based on the experience that IFOP has and our analysis of world literature, but we know that there are different points of view, so our contribution should be an input to the discussion. We also wanted to go further understanding that these issues should be shared with fishermen, crews and in general with the fishing agents who are in the day-to-day activity; that is why we also make available a cartoon that summarizes in simple language and very visually the main problems that must be resolved when we talk about the Fisheries Ecosystemic Approach that in social sciences language is complex socio-ecological systems management ” .

IFOP position paper is entitled ” Fisheries Ecosystemic Approach (EEP): Definition and scope for management and applied research” while the cartoon is entitled “Management of marine socio-ecological systems: imagining the future” and Both can be downloaded in pdf format from the following links:

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